Ilyes Kotrsi

Ilyes Kotrsi

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager
🔸 Flexible and Motivated Problem Solver: I am a highly adaptable individual, always ready to tackle new challenges with enthusiasm and determination. I thrive in dynamic environments where I can put my problem-solving skills to the test and find innovative solutions.

🔸 Strategic Thinker with Confidence and Leadership: With a strategic mindset, I possess the ability to analyze situations from multiple perspectives and develop effective plans of action. I approach tasks with confidence, inspiring those around me and fostering a positive and productive team environment. Leadership comes naturally to me, as I can guide and motivate others towards achieving shared goals.

🔸 Management and Office Support: I excel in providing comprehensive support to management teams, leveraging my organizational skills and attention to detail to streamline operations and maximize efficiency. Whether it’s scheduling, documentation, or coordinating resources, I ensure smooth day-to-day operations.

🔸 Marketing Communication Expert: I possess a keen understanding of marketing principles and excel in crafting compelling communication strategies. From developing engaging content to managing social media campaigns, I leverage my creativity and analytical skills to drive brand awareness and achieve marketing objectives.

Problem Solver


Strategic Thinker with Confidence and Leadership


Management and Office Support


Marketing Communication Expert